Ultimate Fitness Quest 30-Day Challenge


Ultimate Fitness Quest 2016FIRST STEPS: Download and read this first!

2016 Tools First Steps UFQ


Baseline Measurement Form: Take your measurements at the beginning of the challenge along with a Front & Side Photo of yourself.

2016 Tools Baseline Measurements UFQ

My Commitment Form: Use this form to write down your goals!

2016 Tools-UFQ My Commitment Form



 Quality of Foods

2016 Tools Quality of Foods UFQ


Daily Journal:

2016 Tools Daily Journal UFQ


Stewart’s Customized Meal Plan: This is the customized plan for Stewart based on his food preferences. You can use this plan, adjusting the portions if you are a female, or use  the plan for Sam Strong, which is appropriate for the average male or the one for Susan Strong, which is appropriate for the average female. Here’s Stewart’s Plan: 2016 Tools SW Customized Meal Plan

Sam Strong’s Meal Plan: Sam Strong Meal Plan

Sam Strong’s Shopping List: Sam Strong Meal Plan

Susan Strong’s Meal Plan: Sue Strong’s Meal Plan

Susan Strong’s Shopping List: Sue Strong’s Meal Plan

 BONUS: Download the Complete Nutrition Book, Eat Clean to Get Lean & 101 BEST Weight Loss Tips by Kay Rice, M.Ed.

Eat Clean to Get Lean by Kay Rice, M.Ed.