Ultimate Fitness Quest 2016Ultimate Fitness Quest 30-day Challenge

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Join in or follow along as America ’s Financial Advisor, Stewart Welch applies the Secrets to Success he learned to become a Self-Made Millionaire to another area of his life: Health & Fitness.  Stewart first applied these strategies to the area of his health in 2010 and he had fantastic results. Stewart was able to lose 20 pounds of body fat and gain 3 pounds of muscle mass in only 40 days!

However, health is a journey and not a destination, and sometimes unexpected challenges show up. Stewart had an injury this past year that prevented him from working out, and diverted his energy and attention. This can happen with any of our goals, whether in health and fitness, our financial goals, or another area of our lives. What matters is that we get back on track and re-focus on our Ultimate Goals …

How many of you have suffered a setback in the area of your health or your finances? I think we all have had that experience, and what matters the most is not that we fall off track, but how we get back on track and re-focus on our goals. Follow along, and join in as Stewart and others make their health a priority in the first part of 2016. Benefit from his experience, his resources and his team of experts.

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LEARN the 10 essential Secrets to Success you MUST have to achieve great goals in any area of your life!  Stewart mastered these as he learned them from other Self-Made Millionaires. Then he applied them to become a Self-Made Millionaire himself, by the age of 40. He shows you how that, if he could do it then anyone can do it. Now he is using these same 10 Success Secrets to achieve Optimal Health, Fitness and Well-being. (By-the-way, they are not really “secrets” but miss one or two of them, and your chances of achieving your goals are greatly reduced!)

Stewart applied the 10 Secrets or Success Strategies he teaches in THINK Like a Self-Made Millionaire to the areas of Health & Fitness  in his life to see what he could achieve within 40 days. Discover what you can achieve when you become Laser focused on your goals! His physician friend, Dr. Rick Brown explains from a physiological viewpoint why Stewart is very successful – Neuro-Plasticity – he is very, very good at focusing on his outcome and taking the small and consistent steps to achieve his outcome. In scientific terms, this rewires his brain for success!

You will receive free Information and Resources from top Experts in Nutrition, Health & Fitness, and you will also receive financial updates from Stewart along with information about the release of his upcoming books in his Get Rich on Purpose® book series.