The Ultimate Fitness Quest was founded by Stewart Welch III. Stewart is a well known Financial Advisor, published author and self-made multi-millionaire. Having made his fortune before the age of 40 by studying and modeling other successful individuals he discovered there are a handful of characteristics that all successful people have, and things that all successful people do on their path to achieving their goals. He modeled those qualities and habits to achieve his goal of becoming a millionaire before age 40. The Ultimate Fitness Quest began as his personal journey in discipline & self-discovery, to see if these same characteristics he used to become Financially Successful would work in another area of his life – that of Health and Fitness. Guess what? It worked! In just 40 days Stewart was able to take himself to a new level of health & fitness. He significantly lowered his body fat and increased his lean muscle mass. More importantly, he had more energy and felt better, reducing his risks for many diseases. This is a great thing, because Stewart is on a mission to improve the lives of as many other people in the world as possible, both in the area of health & fitness, and also in the area of their financial well-being!

Did you know only a very few people actually reach their goals of achieving Optimal Health and Weight OR Financial Freedom? Learn what qualities set the people who achieve their goals apart from everyone else so you can apply them in YOUR life to achieve your goals!


Stewart has been the financial expert on Good Day Alabama’s Money Tuesday, Fox News and has written a column in the Birmingham News for a number of years. He recently decided to write a book series, Get Rich on Purpose® to teach motivated individuals the principles of achieving Financial Freedom and Entrepreneurship. The first book in this series, THINK Like a Self-Made Millionaire is currently available for pre-order at your favorite book retailer, and will be published in May 2016. In THINK Like a Self-Make Millionaire, you will learn about the mindset and the qualities that is takes to achieve not only your financial goals, and to achieve the goals in virtually any area of your life. He applies those qualities, or “secrets” to the area of his health in his Ultimate Fitness Quest. You can learn more about Stewart Welch III , and his Get Rich on Purpose® book series at .


Our Mission is to help others on their own path to Ultimate Fitness and to Financial Freedom by providing them with a platform to set them up for success. You will find on this site the tools, the information, and the support you need to achieve your goals. We share with you the Success Strategies essential to achieving success in any area of your life. We will give you the information, tools, and guidelines that Stewart used on his Ultimate Fitness Quest to achieve his goals. You will benefit from the help and guidance he received from his panel of experts with regard to fitness, nutrition and how to achieve the goal of Optimal Health & Well-being. Through his Get Rich on Purpose® series you will learn what you will need to do in order to achieve Financial Freedom.

To Your Health & Fitness!