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UFQ Re-Cap & “What’s Next”?

Why the UFQ is NOT a Diet

Part 1: The purpose of the UFQ 30-day challenge is to hit the ‘Re-Set’ button on healthy eating and daily exercise.

As my good friend and UFQ fitness expert, and former Mr. America, Tom Terwilliger, says, “Losing weight (releasing body fat…getting lean) is 80% what you consume (eat). The remaining 20%: Exercise and resistance training (weight lifting) supports losing body fat and promotes a lean body.”

The goal of the UFQ 30-day challenge is to prove to yourself that YOU control your health.


Part 2: Maintenance—How NOT to go back to where you were

So you’ve been eating healthy and exercising again for 30 days…and you are seeing results, right? How do you make sure u don’t drift back? Well of course there is the UFQ Maintenance Plan. Keep doing what you’ve done during the UFQ Challenge but add 1-3 “free meals” each week (Kay likes to call them ‘cheat meals’). Remember, 80% of success in this realm is what you eat so eat healthy most of the time but allow an indulgence a couple of times a week. Continue to exercise at least 30-minutes 3x a week. Remember, exercise (both cardio and strength training) burn calories … thus allowing you to eat more! Hmmm, interesting concept!
Monitor your weight (and clothes fit!) weekly and adjust as needed! Simple, huh? One final note…actually a saying… “What you track (monitor) tends to improve!”

Part 3: What If…

As we reach the end of this year’s UFQ 30-day challenge, here are a few ‘What if’s’:

  • What if we used what we’ve learned about healthy eating and exercise to make some lifelong adjustments that keep us on track v. the yo-yo of back and forth.
  • What if, going forward, we were willing track our progress knowing that ‘what gets tracked tends to improve’. Suggestions include a weekly (or by-weekly) weigh-in. If you are ‘off track’, go UFQ for a week. Or use one of the many free apps to track daily food consumption and exercise (MyFitnessPal and LiveStrong come to mind). By honestly recording what you eat, you’ll quickly learn the difference between foods that support your continued good health v. high calorie-low value foods. It’s ok to indulge from time to time but let’s do so with full knowledge.
  • What if we continue to help and support each other towards success and what if we brought others into the circle of support?
  • What if we took some of what we learned here about setting a goal (our vision for our health and physical appearance), developing a plan of action, and executing that plan (adjusting as required) until we get the result we desire … And applied what we learned to other goals for our life…say our finances? Or our relationships?
  • What if YOU were to join me in adding a few ‘What If’s’ of your own?

Understand that we have no limits except those we impose on ourselves. And banning together in a circle of support, we can raise up an entire community!

What’s Next?